Your Industrial Plumbing Needs.

Here at Profect Plumbing, we understand the critical role efficient and reliable plumbing and drainage systems play in the smooth operation of any industrial facility. 

That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the diverse needs of your industry, from large-scale manufacturing plants to small workshops.

Excavation & Drainage.

Keep your home functioning smoothly with our expert repairs for leaky faucets, burst pipes, clogged drains, and more. We ensure timely and efficient solutions to restore your peace of mind.

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Precise & efficient excavation.

Don't let a constant drip drive you crazy! Our experts can quickly diagnose and fix leaky faucets and taps, saving you water and frustration.

Expert drainage system design and installation.

We design and install efficient drainage systems tailored to your specific facility layout and water management needs.

Stormwater management solutions.

We specialize in stormwater management, including the installation of pits, grates, pump stations, and concrete pipes of various sizes.

Small to large-scale project expertise.

We can handle projects of all sizes, from small residential installations to complex industrial facilities.

Pumping Systems.

We offer a comprehensive range of pump solutions, from reliable sewer and stormwater removal to efficient water supply, fire hydrant services, pressure boosting, and fire hose reel installations, ensuring your facility’s optimal water management and fire safety.

We specialize in a diverse range of solutions, including:

  • Sewer pump out stations:

    We install and maintain reliable sewer pump out stations to ensure efficient wastewater removal.

  • Stormwater and water pumps:

    We offer a wide range of pump solutions for various applications, including efficient stormwater pumping, reliable water supply, and rainwater harvesting systems.

  • Fire hydrant services:

    We provide comprehensive fire hydrant services, including installation, maintenance, and diesel pump installation to ensure your facility’s fire safety.

  • Booster pumps:

    We offer powerful booster pumps to enhance water pressure and overcome pressure deficiencies in your system.

  • Landing valve installation and maintenance:

    We install and maintain landing valves for various applications, ensuring efficient control of water flow.

  • Fire hose reels:

    We provide fire hose reels for quick and efficient access to water in case of fire emergencies.

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Sewer & Utilities.

Profect Plumbing manages all your industrial water needs, from comprehensive sewer services and hot water plants to rainwater harvesting and gas services. We ensure optimal performance and compliance.

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Comprehensive Sewer Services.

Profect Plumbing ensures smooth operation with complete sewer services, including maintenance, cleaning, and repairs to optimize performance. We use advanced techniques to address issues promptly and effectively.

Large Hot
Water Plants.

We design and install large-scale hot water plants tailored to your needs. Our experienced engineers ensure efficient operation and optimal energy consumption.

Sustainable Rainwater Harvesting

We offer cost-effective and environmentally friendly rainwater harvesting systems to manage water usage and contribute to a sustainable future.

First Flush

We minimize your facility's environmental impact by designing and installing first flush systems to capture and divert the initial, pollutant-laden portion of stormwater runoff.

Rainwater Tanks
& Float Valves

We provide and install rainwater tanks of various sizes and capacities, along with float valves for efficient water level regulation.

Water Main

Profect Plumbing ensures seamless integration with existing infrastructure by handling all aspects of water main connections.

Gas Services

We offer comprehensive gas services including installation, metering, and application submissions for streamlined compliance with regulations.

Piping & Backflow Prevention.

Profect Plumbing safeguards your water system with durable and versatile stainless steel pipework for diverse applications, and specializes in installing and servicing RPZD backflow prevention devices to prevent contamination.

Reliable piping solutions & advanced backflow prevention:

  • Durable and versatile stainless steel pipework:

    We offer stainless steel piping solutions for diverse applications, including water, chemicals, sugar, vacuum, steam, and exhaust systems.

  • RPZD backflow prevention expertise:

    We specialize in the installation and service of RPZD backflow prevention devices to protect your water system from contamination.

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Industrial Maintenance.

From complete plumbing packages for new construction to tailored maintenance solutions, Profect Plumbing keeps your facility running smoothly. We offer enviropod installation for water management and recycling, trash screen installation to protect equipment, and a range of stormwater protection devices ensuring environmental compliance. Let us handle your industrial maintenance needs, big or small.

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Complete plumbing packages for new construction.

Leverage our expertise for comprehensive plumbing solutions when building new industrial units, buildings, or facilities.

Tailored maintenance solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of industrial maintenance services, from minor repairs like tap and pipe fixes to complex renovations.


We provide enviropod installation for efficient water management and recycling.

Trash screen

We install trash screens to prevent debris and pollutants from entering your drainage systems, protecting your equipment and ensuring proper water flow.

Stormwater protection devices.

We install various types of stormwater protection devices, such as oil separators and gross pollutant

Profect Plumbing proudly delivers solutions throughout greater Sydney.